Come to Wood Badge!

Come to Wood Badge! Wood Badge is an advanced, national leadership course. It includes training on listening, managing conflict, leading change, stages of team development, coaching & mentoring, leadership for different stages, servant leadership, and more! This is done in presentations, discussions, games, and activities.

Come to Wood Badge! It enables you to grow and improve in your roles at home, church, and work.

Come to Wood Badge! You will have fun and associate with wonderful people. You will learn and experience things that will impact you the rest of your life.

For over two decades, I mistakenly thought Wood Badge was a training conference for fanatic scouters, and I was never in a prominent scouting role that qualified me to attend.  In 2015, I received a church calling that immersed me into scouting more than I had been before and I decided I was ready get fanatical. So I registered for Wood Badge and attended in 2016. I found that I was mistaken. You do not have to be fanatical about scouting to benefit from the experience of Wood Badge training. My misunderstanding of Wood Badge had deprived me of an experience that could have benefited me in all aspects of my life in those years.

Wood Badge is not a scouting conference, it is a leadership training conference presented in the context of scouting! Do you have leadership questions and challenges in your role as a parent, in your church calling, or in your employment? I am confident Wood Badge will help you address those questions and challenges.

Because Wood Badge is officially sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America, we will conduct Wood Badge according to the Scout Oath and Law. The first point of that being, “On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God.”

I look forward to having a wonderful experience with you!


Garth Sorenson
Scoutmaster & Course Director