Congratulations and Welcome to Wood Badge!


If you are reading this letter someone has sparked your interest to participate in the woodbadge experience.  That person is likely someone who has been to woodbadge and has had an experience that has been a blessing to their lives.  I have had this experience.  The principles of leadership which I saw, heard and practiced during my woodbage experience have helped me focus on improving myself first, which has empowered to be a more effective leader in my family, business and church assignments.

Woodbadge leadership training has two parts.  The first happens during your time on course.  From the time that the course begins everything you do, see and hear has meaning.  The course is full of patterns.  First leadership principles are taught, then modeled and then you get the opportunity to practice leadership.  This is a consistent theme that you will come face to face with.  This process will push you to the edges of your comfort zone and then give you the opportunity to practice in a very, emotionally safe environment.  The second phase of the woodbadge experience is to identify several goals that you personally will set and define a path to accomplish them.

One misperception is; that you must be a “scouter” to go to woodbadge.  This is only true that a familiarity with scouting may soften the feeling of being out of your comfort zone.  Woodbadge would be more accurately defined as “Leadership training with a Scouting flavor”.  Yes you will find scouting taught and modeled, more significantly you will see leadership, taught, discussed and practiced throughout the woodbadge experience.  I don’t know of a single baby that was born a leader, rather leaders are developed through learning, practicing and first hand experience.

During the course you will have an experiential leadership experience.  When the course is complete, you will have the opportunity to work on goals established during and as part of the course. By pursing the goals identified during woodbadge you will have a significant life experience as you are mentored and coached while you work on these goals.  The goals you will develop will be entirely of your choosing with encouragement and guidance from those who have previously traveled this path.  John C. Maxwell Said: “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”  A large part of becoming a successful leader is about helping you to become a better you.  The Woodbadge course is designed to help you in this process.

I am grateful for the opportunity that we will have together as we participate in this woodbadge course.  I look forward to meeting you and learning together.


Yours in scouting,
Milt Olsen

Scoutmaster & Course Director